Tools that Enhance Customization

Our commitment to customization in data development, analytics, and decision support requires an in-house software development team that creates software tools not available anywhere else in the industry. Even firms many times our size simply can’t say that.

Why does that matter?  Because it equips us to deliver a client experience that maximizes data quality and enhances data-based decision support. It improves operation and it advances innovation.

Querius® Database Software

Our state-of-the-art Querius® software is a proprietary database engine that is comprehensive, versatile, and exceptionally powerful. Querius® is linked to Excel for easy client interface and manipulation, and can transfer data to other standard software shells like SPSS when required.

Market Response Simulators

NAXION offers a portfolio of user-friendly interactive simulators designed to predict purchase decisions and identify profit opportunities at both individual customer and aggregate market levels. These highly customized tools help guide strategic investment decisions and market execution by providing estimating or simulating the outcomes of alternate pricing, promotion, and product/service configuration scenarios. Applications can be designed to support either enterprise-wide assessments or forecasts within target regions, and can accommodate highly dynamic assumptions based on choice models, econometric models, and Monte Carlo or Agent based models.

Customer Classification and Targeting Tools

NAXION targeting systems harness the power of our proprietary NA Link® and NA QuikLink® modeling suites to provide clients with rapid decision support that enables websites and sales representatives to tailor offerings or messages based on customer priorities.


NAXION’s proprietary NA-Quest℠ survey data software has been developed to provide maximum agility and accuracy in survey data collection while also allowing for efficient transfer of incoming data to our database system or dashboards that clients can track from their desktops. NA-Quest℠ 3.0 delivers superior versatility and shortens the time between data collection and data delivery through secure client portals.

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