Contemporary Brand Challenges

One of the challenges facing organizations that seek to guide strategy by monitoring customer relationships with their brand is the difficulty of using standard metrics to inspire important strategic decisions. As a counterpoint to brand measurement systems that attempt to apply a universal framework across industries and market structures, we offer clients highly customized monitoring and analytics that take account of their particular market environment, brand history, and strategic aspirations. This “bespoke” approach to brand monitoring is especially important in technology and Business 2 Business industries, where the relationship between customers and brands are varied, complex, and evolving rapidly.  

'Bespoke' Solutions

We have worked on behalf of some of the world’s most important brands — a range that spans technology-driven innovations as well as more traditional consumer product categories to help them shape and shore up the payoff on brand promise:
  • Brand creation and brand value
  • Brand health monitoring
  • Brand repositioning and extension strategy
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Identification of drivers and barriers that account for brand relevance
  • Evaluation of brand choice dynamics and drivers
  • Defense against brand dilution and deceptive advertising
  • Advertising claims validation 
A robust brand tracking program is a critical resource for helping managers monitor brand health; identify emerging trends; gauge competitive threats; and measure the impact of marketing activities and brand-building initiatives. For brands that want to define benchmarks, not simply track them, we offer a highly customized approach to brand stewardship and strategy:
  • Develop a guiding framework that aligns products, customers, and brand identity
  • Monitor their brand strength through custom-crafted brand measurement systems
  • Use these measurement systems to develop a thorough understanding of brand assets and brand health
  • Identify opportunities and vulnerabilities in the service of strategic brand-building

In support of those efforts, we develop and implement highly customized ad hoc initiatives as well as major brand tracking programs around the world. When integrated with Customer Satisfaction monitoring techniques, our Performance Tracking systems provide a comprehensive business management tool for directing resource allocation and prioritizing marketing actions.