Commercial Buildings & Systems

We bring experience across a range of building technologies, products, and services to research assignments that guide sound, evidence-based decisions on just about every aspect of marketing strategy from product development to pricing, segmentation to customer relationship management. 

We employ a full portfolio of research methods to identify the needs of diverse customer groups including property owners, managers and engineers; energy managers, plant managers, and operations specialists; sourcing and supply chain executives; and C-suite leadership. Techniques include in-depth interviews with senior executives, online interactive group sessions, traditional focus groups, online surveys, and advanced survey-based forecasting models available through our Farsight® suite of forecasting services.

Here are some recent examples of commercial and industrial assignments we’ve completed to guide transformative product design, portfolio optimization, brand health, and market share strategies, both domestically and around the globe:

  • Concept testing of innovative water recycling systems for industrial applications, to support product positioning and lead-generation
  • Fire and life safety system needs assessment, to support service portfolio development and supplier differentiation strategy
  • Global segmentation of commercial  and industrial security system and building automation needs and practices, to support service portfolio and regional market-entry strategies
  • Global manufacturing supply chain segmentation, to support market penetration and share growth strategy development
  • Physical and IT security convergence assessment, to identify white-space opportunities and support new service development
  • North American chiller replacement forecast, to support manufacturing capacity planning
  • Energy services needs assessments, to support industry segment-specific offerings

Please also see our Residential Lifestyles & Technology, Energy Practice and IT Practice for related services.