Navigating the Market Landscape

The past decade was especially challenging for manufacturers in the commercial vehicle and heavy equipment spaces as they coped with recession-driven declines in sales, increasing costs of energy and materials, ever-stricter emissions requirements, and newly emerging requirements related to CSA regulations and GHG standards. On the road ahead, though, we see abundant opportunities related to the development of alternative fuel technologies, automated transmission systems, telematics and related connected-vehicle technologies, and the general movement toward “smarter” vehicles and equipment.

Gearing Up for the Road Ahead

The key to competing effectively in this dynamic environment is keen insight into customer needs and requirements today, the foresight to anticipate their behaviors tomorrow, and the ability to apply that knowledge in the execution of accelerated engineering, product development, and delivery strategies.

Equipped to Keep our Clients Moving

NAXION has a specialized team that serves clients engaged in the business of manufacturing commercial trucks and buses, construction and agricultural equipment, and associated components and technologies. The convergence of industry experience, research proficiency, and seasoned consulting support helps clients stay ahead of the competition in this dynamic market environment with a portfolio of capabilities that guide confident business decisions:

  • A comprehensive set of quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques
  • Advanced modeling and forecasting capabilities that help our clients anticipate market trends and configure products and technologies to achieve commercial success
  • Research experience across the entire value-chain, including fleet decision-makers, OEM dealers, OEM management/executives and industry experts

Insight-Powered Solutions

How we help you drive business

NAXION has a proven track record of leveraging market insights in support of our clients’ engineering and strategic product development, channel management, marketing and customer experience initiatives. In the last decade alone, we have completed more than 100 assignments for vehicle, equipment and component manufacturers on a variety of strategic issues:

  • Alternative fuel technology adoption forecasting
  • Automated transmission adoption forecasting
  • Telematics, vehicle connectivity and “smart” vehicle technologies
  • Hydraulic and electrical system innovations
  • OEM and aftermarket channels
  • Dealer communications and marketing
  • New and reengineered product configuration and pricing
  • Concept and ad testing
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand health monitoring
  • Customer satisfaction tracking
  • Market segmentation


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