The Market Measurement Challenges

The Financial Services sector continues to face significant challenges as companies contend with proliferating, shape-shifting competition and empowering technologies that create new customer expectations for experiences, products, and services. This, in turn, demands a different kind of research that asks more penetrating questions, integrates multiple data streams, and uses creative analytic tools to create deeper understanding. For enterprises seeking to create and realize opportunity in a disruptive environment, NAXION offers a strategic partnership that is data-powered, insight-driven, and solutions-focused.

Agile Solutions for Data-Powered Decision-Making

NAXION helps financial institutions see their customers and their environment through a sharper lens to expose insights needed to shape more effective business strategies. We provide decision support for companies engaged in banking, credit cards and payment systems, financial management, financing, and insurance. Our assignments are guided by a thorough understanding of the market ecosystem, an appreciation for the new rules of customer engagement, and an exceptional ability to design and interpret state-of-the-art research that empowers clients to shape their environment, not just react to it.

Our support for financial services institutions draws heavily on our portfolio of advanced analytics tools — among them, the firm’s Farsight® Predictive Modeling Services that support product development and demand forecasting, as well as our industry-leading suite of segmentation techniques, including the Hypredictive® tool that bridges the gap between marketing theory and application. Financial institutions looking to optimize their product offerings, develop revenue-maximizing pricing strategies and define high-value customer segments can rely on us to craft agile research solutions that lead to confident business solutions.