Books & Book Chapters

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Articles, Papers & Speeches

  • Polster, M. (2020) View from the ‘Driver’s Seat’: New Rules of the Road for Developing and Applying Customer Behavior Models Presented at PMRC, Newark, NJ
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Podium Appearances & Seminars

  • Litke, S. E. and Behrs, M. A. K. (2019) "In the Weeds…Together: Close Collaboration is Key to Confident Forecasting" Presented at PMRC, Newark, NJ
  • Kossman, D. A. and Keefe, T. M. (2018) "When is the Oncology Patient Really Your Customer?" Presented at Intellus Worldwide Summit 2018, Philadelphia, PA
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  • Leon, G.H. (2016) “Boomers and Dwellings in the Eighth Decade” Presented at the HIRI Insights Conference, Chicago, IL
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