Books & Book Chapters

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  • Goldman, A. E., and McDonald, S. S. (1987) The Group Depth Interview: Principles and Practice Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall

Articles, Papers & Speeches

  • Pillitteria, J., Polster, M. et al. (2020) Assessing comprehension and perceptions of modified-risk information for snus among adult current cigarette smokers, former tobacco users, and never tobacco users Published in Addictive Behaviors Reports
  • Polster, M. (2020) View from the ‘Driver’s Seat’: New Rules of the Road for Developing and Applying Customer Behavior Models Presented at PMRC, Newark, NJ
  • Resnick, J. (2020) Hearing The Voice of the Stakeholder in The Corporate Board magazine
  • McDonald, S.S (2019) A New Manifesto for the Insights Industry in ESOMAR’s Research World
  • Polster, M., Thumma C., Trainer, P.C., et al (2017) Assessing Recall and Recognition for Important Safety Information in Digital Promotion for Pharmaceutical Products: Implications for Website Design” in Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science 1-10
  • McDonald, S. S., Clark, S., Hughes, B. (2013) "The Impact of Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy on Quality of Life: Report of a National Consumer Survey and Recommendations for Improving Care" in Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Volume 68, Number 9, Supplement1
  • IBM; Kelly, M., Research Contributor (2013) Why Partnering Strategies Matter: How Sourcing of Business and IT Services Impacts Financial Performance IBM Center for Applied Insights
  • Leon, G. H. (2013) "Survival of the Fittest" SSA Globe
  • Lichtenstein, G. R., Waters, H. C., Kelly, J., McDonald, S. S., Zanutto, E. L., Hendricks, D. and Rahman, M. I. (2010) “Assessing Drug Treatment Preferences of Patients with Crohn’s Disease Using a Conjoint Analysis.” Patient

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