Hospitals & Integrated Systems

NAXION routinely partners with pharmaceutical, biologic, and medical device companies to understand the changing decision-making dynamics within stand-alone hospitals, hospital systems, accountable care organizations (ACOs), integrated delivery networks (IDNs), patient-centered medical homes, and networks of community-based physician practices. These organizations bring together diverse clinical and administrative professionals with a common vision of improving patient outcomes and controlling costs.

While the general trend in these organizations is toward more centralized decision-making shaped by evidence-based guidelines, individual healthcare providers have more latitude and discretion in some product categories and therapeutic areas than in others. We help clients identify relevant target stakeholders for their businesses, and elucidate the terms of competitive success with those stakeholders. Our Prescience® modeling architecture allows us to develop integrated demand forecasts that reflect new "democratic" models of therapy decision-making and market access in these changing healthcare delivery environments.
Decades of work in the field of customer experience and commitment — some of it pioneering — can be brought to bear on behalf of healthcare systems whose shape-shifting new structures of care delivery will require new ways of thinking about the relationship between the satisfaction (of patients and providers) and documented medical outcomes.