Segmentations Built with Marketers in Mind

Market segmentation can be a critically important strategic process for achieving alignment between product offerings and customer need, optimizing sales and marketing resources, and increasing promotional impact. Even so, successfully bridging the gap between segmentation principles and successful application continues to be a major challenge for the marketing community because customers are complex. “Segmentation research” is a means, not an end. And “interesting” is not the same as “useful.”

Our mission is to help clients bridge the theory-practice gap with a candid point of view on the limitations of market segmentations as well as specialized techniques for overcoming them. We have the hands-on experience and the tool kit to devise segmentation strategies that can be executed successfully and held to measurable standards of success. That’s why some of the world’s most successful companies have relied on us not only to build their segmentations, but also to guide their organizations in development of “best practices." We are able to guide our clients toward success based on:

  • Expertise in diverse market segmentation approaches to custom-fit the approach to the market environment and business objectives
  • Pragmatic implementation support to help marketing managers formulate segment-based marketing strategies and ensure practical implementation, with techniques like our Hypredictive segment-shaping tools
  • Segmentation perspectives and techniques custom-built for key industries like Healthcare, Business to Business and Consumer Products

Pioneering Leadership, Proprietary Tools

Over a period of four decades that began with some of the industry’s pioneering work, NAXION has developed many hundreds of segmentation frameworks, highly customized around specific marketing objectives and market structures, through effective use of all the relevant techniques, including proprietary adaptions. We have made major contributions to the literature, including the world’s definitive text on Business to Business market segmentation.

Our flexible, customized approach to market segmentation enables us to design creative yet pragmatic segmentation frameworks for a wide array of market applications and industries. Using the techniques in our Hypredictive® tool kit, we can balance attitudes vs. behavior with "joystick" flexibility to select segmentation schemes that meet explicit criteria for ease of implementation — considerations especially relevant in the Business to Business and pharmaceutical marketing sectors. And with our suite of proprietary desktop software, sales and marketing teams not only have tools for assigning customers to target segments; they can also be enabled with software to manipulate segmentations dynamically for varied enterprise applications. 

NAXION designs successful market segmentation systems for a wide variety of markets, working closely with client teams to craft approaches suited to their specific business objectives and the nuances of their particular markets. Contact our industry specialists for more information on the kind of experience we bring to segmentation in your vertical.