A Dynamic and Dimensional Way to Map the Market Ecosystem for Effective Brand Planning

Effective brand planning and lifecycle management require a sharp-eyed, prognostic view of the landscape to guide strategy at every point along the critical path, from successful launch to healthy maturity. That mandate includes mapping the market your brand currently inhabits (or is poised to enter) and it also means anticipating how the market is likely to evolve, so you can think farther ahead. Effective market mapping prepares you to forge the path, not just follow it.

Seeing the Landscape from All the Angles of View — Including an Eye to the Future

To navigate the commercial environment, marketers need to understand how the space is being restructured by changes in technology and culture; how brands are evolving or repositioning themselves in a dynamic space; and how customers will move through the landscape as their needs evolve. We help brands plan for innovation and competitive challenge with a variety of tools:

  • Market Sizing - Models that utilize multiple data inputs and sophisticated weighting algorithms to gauge the size of the market space and key sectors within it
  • Market Structure and Buying Process -  Depiction of channel structure and customer decision-making, including cultural analysis that anticipates how technology is likely to transform the basic relationship between customers and products
  • Competitive Brand Positioning and Market Gaps - Penetrating competitive analyses, drawing heavily on customer input to understand the image and equities of competitive brands, and critical vacancies on the market map
  • Customer Segmentation - Development of customer frameworks that pinpoint opportunities for new entries, support repositioning, and guide targeting strategies
  • Customer Journey - Assessment of opportunities for customer/brand engagement and models that quantify leverage at crucial milestones
  • Market Monitoring - Agile, customized programs that turn performance tracking into powerful, forward-looking decision tools, based on advanced predictive modeling of multiple data streams  Learn more >