Farsight® Market Monitoring is Tracking Transformed 
From a Glimpse in the Rear-view Mirror to a Strategic Vision of the Road Ahead

The Challenge:  How to use all the data at your disposal to develop a coherent, predictive view of the market dynamics and brand performance? 

Market monitoring has never before been so critical, but many tracking programs just don’t deliver adequate ROI. Common complaints include large investments and cumbersome infrastructure, lack of data integration, and metrics that are not clearly or coherently related to business outcomes. Bottom line: Surveillance that should help companies respond deftly to business challenges feels too often like “lead feet,” impeding agile brand management rather than empowering it. 

It’s time to rethink both the terminology and the toolkit. Effective market monitoring programs must become insight-rich, high-impact decision platforms that do much more than monitor market performance. They need to guide strategic course correction proactively and dynamically. 

The Solution:  A reconceived market monitoring approach that gives companies powerful decision tools to drive critical business outcomes

NAXION’s Farsight® Market Monitoring is designed to give clients the benefits of well-crafted, coherent performance tracking interpreted through the forward-looking lens of predictive analytics. Our integrative approach to market intelligence effectively synthesizes survey inputs and other data streams to give companies a broader view of the market ecosystem. And powerful models built from those critical inputs identify all the “metrics that matter,” enabling you to understand which market measures can be used to drive the destiny of your brand.  

  • We take a carefully curated approach to data integration...thoughtfully pressure-testing every input, including customer data, social listening, and other sources for reliability, stability, completeness, and validity, ensuring effective syntheses and fit-to-purpose use. 
  • We use a suite of powerful predictive analytics to tie metrics to business outcomes...helping clients understand what affects brand and business performance — and where to concentrate efforts to achieve bankable results.  And then we measure the effects of those actions to refine their commercial strategies based on actual outcomes.
  • We rely on well-crafted, sensitive surveys to increase the value of direct consumer input...incorporating novel techniques to measure implicit brand associations, guided by design input from our own authoritative survey methodologists.
  • We deliver consistent levels of operational excellence...based on well-oiled execution and zero-error tolerance that have earned us ISO certification, and can be counted on to ensure timely, quality-assured data reporting.
  • We deploy sector-experienced, consultative teams with consistent levels of senior oversight...ensuring data interpretations that are always set in context for effective decision support.

Programs Designed to Monitor Diverse Markets All Around the Globe — and Find Customers Wherever They Are

  • Spanning global geographies and a variety of customer types, from consumers to business customers
  • Tapping existing panels and customer databases or custom panels we develop and maintain for our clients
  • Encompassing a range of products across a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Construction, Automotive, Home, and Digital Technology
  • Designed with multiple data collection modalities in mind, including mobile, to ensure that we can engage with customers “where they live” for broad representation and context-specific insight 

Timely, Effective Reporting that Empowers Bold Decisions 

    Powerful analytics need to be matched by powerful story-telling, custom-tailored and stakeholder-sensitive to ensure impact at all levels of the organization. We work comfortably with multiple data portals to accommodate existing structures, and collaborate closely with our clients to develop reporting conventions and templates that facilitate rapid dissemination of insights and inspire effective decision-making.

    Smooth, Careful Transitions that Conserve Program Continuity 

      Even when tracking programs seem to have “broken down,” companies may hesitate to change horses or approaches because market monitoring benefits from measurement continuity. Well-built bridges are key to minimizing disruption and maximizing confidence going forward. We have a systematic approach to transition management which relies on principles of data science to manage the technical challenges that present themselves, and protocols for stakeholder engagement to manage the organizational anxieties they create.  

      We have an impeccable reputation for transforming “statistics on tap” to “vital nourishment.” If you would like to know more about how we can help you wring greater value from your tracking program, please contact us.