Our Mission

In an era of breakneck change and low tolerance for missed or misread opportunities, businesses need astute guidance to shape markets — not merely respond to them. Now entering our second century of leadership in applied marketing science, NAXION helps clients develop market perspectives that drive commercial success.

Our Value Proposition

  • Consultative solutions-focused approach
  • Inventive research methods and deft analytics
  • Integrative use of multiple data streams for holistic decision support
  • Industry specialists guiding research interpretation and application
  • Multidisciplinary teams drawn from all realms of social and marketing sciences
  • "Boutique" scale and style of service committed to customization and collaboration

Our Philosophy

  • We’re a firm that aims to get all of it right — astute problem definition, data quality, sophisticated analytics and shrewd decision support. Commitment to intellectual leadership in our industry is matched by a dedication to ISO-certified operational excellence and quality assurance in project execution.
  • We take everything we do very personally, in a spirit consistent with employee ownership and one of the proudest histories in the industry. We’re known for an exceptional level of senior oversight and a demonstrated commitment to client success that extends well beyond project scope.  
  • We use a broad portfolio of methods fit-for-purpose and data sources to tackle important problems in a coherent wayOur approach to problem-solving is agile and innovative but never "tool-centric."    

Our Focus

Clients rely on NAXION to solve challenging problems of strategic importance and organizational sensitivity.

  • Assignments requiring a firm grasp of market history and emerging dynamics 
  • Problems that outstrip traditional research techniques or involve new market paradigms  
  • Research programs requiring unfailing operational excellence 
  • Methodologically authoritative research in support of litigation and regulatory compliance      

Please give us a call to see how we work, and how we will work with you.