Security & Automation

Today, service providers in telecommunications, cable, energy and security are developing competing, cross-category offerings in the emergent remote residential security and control arena. Although these trends open opportunities to increase wallet share by offering customers “one-stop-shopping” for both traditional and innovative services, they threaten once-protected turfs by commoditizing category-specific offerings and raising barriers to differentiation.

NAXION is exceptionally well-positioned to help service providers address the challenges of this fluid environment by guiding sound, evidence-based strategic decisions. We employ a full portfolio of qualitative and quantitative research methods, domestically and globally, to inventory consumer needs and purchase behaviors and to predict likely future purchase behavior. The techniques we employ include one-on-one, in-depth interviews, online interactive group sessions, communities, traditional focus groups, ethnography, online surveys and advanced survey-based forecasting models available through our Farsight® suite of forecasting services.

  • National-coverage brand penetration and share surveillance — at the DMA level or customized, client-defined geographic-area level — designed to track competitor activity, provide early warnings of market-entry initiatives and track ongoing share and penetration movement
  • Residential and commercial technology and service concept testing, price/configuration modeling and adoption forecasting, to aid our clients in sizing opportunities and in developing and packaging innovative products and services
  • Post-launch residential and commercial technology evaluation and customer satisfaction, to guide downstream product and service delivery improvements and customer relationship management
  • Brand awareness and familiarity testing to support brand-building strategies and to test the waters for market entry strategies
  • Ad testing and ad awareness tracking, to assist our clients in developing new advertising campaigns for both existing and new service offerings, and to evaluate ongoing campaign
  • Segmentation studies to help our clients identify target markets, position offerings, develop messaging and discover new opportunities

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