Creating Research Access to Specialized Audiences

NAXION offers a comprehensive portfolio of custom panel services including panel design, recruitment, data collection, database management, analysis, and maintenance. Our panels typically consist of Business 2 Business industry customers who are not easily located via conventional panels and whose input is needed to support a wide range of ongoing strategic and tactical objectives. Member job titles are often highly specialized decision-makers who require specialized and sophisticated survey design to maintain engagement.

We work with you to design a panel whose composition and scale are customized to your industry, business objectives, and measurement sensitivities. We then manage these panels over time to keep members engaged, while also accommodating the need for ongoing replenishment to keep the pool fresh and consistently representative.
An in-house team of methods experts, led by a leading sampling statistician, work with our project leaders and our operations staff to ensure that panel input can be counted on to guide critically important decisions based on extensive survey data — or tapped for rapid ad hoc input at our “research kiosks.”