What is ISO Certification and what does it mean to our clients?
NAXION has propagated a culture of quality at every level of the organization and espouses a philosophy of continuous improvement.
While professional services like research and consulting rely heavily on employees’ level of professional experience and caliber of thinking, the development and manipulation of databases also rely heavily on systematic processes that demand high levels of quality control and documentation in order to maximize accuracy and replicability. These processes, many of which ensure the reliability and security of our data and thus lay a solid foundation for the conclusions we draw from it, are amenable to ISO certification. 
What ISO Certification has NAXION received?
ISO 20252 establishes quality standards for market, opinion, and social research organizations. The certification of NAXION to ISO 20252:2019 covers its role as a “full-service market research firm,” providing qualitative and quantitative research solutions to clients in a variety of industries. NAXION was one of the first US companies to receive certification. As part of that process, NAXION reviewed and documented internal processes and policies relating to its research management system, client communications, project documentation, outsourcing, employee training, confidentiality, privacy, and security. Re-certification is required every 3 years.
Certificate Number: 1009

Original Issue Date: October 22, 2012

Latest Issue Date: October 16, 2023

Expiration Date: October 22, 2026
For more information on ISO 20252, click here.
ISO 20252: Statement of Applicability
Updated: September 11, 2023
NAXION is a full-service market research firm, delivering analysis and consultation through applied marketing science across quantitative and qualitative research projects.
NAXION delivers research services to domestic and international clients in the Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Health and Life Sciences, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Utilities industries and provides Litigation & Regulation Support services.
NAXION includes Sampling, Fieldwork, Self-Completion and Data Management and Processing in its attestation to ISO 20252 in accordance with Annexes A, B, E, and F, respectively. NAXION has elected to exclude Digital Observation, Physical Observation and Access Panels from the attestation.
Details of NAXION attested Annexes are described as follows:
Annex A – Sampling NAXION designs sample frames, cleans client sample files, and procures list and panel samples.
Annex B – Fieldwork NAXION provides a full range of interview-assisted data collection methods through its global partner network.
Annex E – Self-Completion NAXION provides programming and hosting services for online, self-complete data collection methods.
Annex F – Data Management and Processing NAXION provides a full suite of data management and processing services including data cleaning, coding, tabulations, analytics, modeling, and reporting services.