Enabling a Vision for Enterprise Value…

Information Technology is the dynamic engine of our digital age, transforming markets, re-tooling day-to-day business operations, and reshaping the culture through disruptive innovation. Successful providers of enterprise technology understand and leverage market turbulence to deliver solutions that keep their customers competitive and equip them to lead markets. But true industry leaders commit their clients to a vision of business transformation through intelligence, automation and connectivity -- and then support them through each step of actualization toward a new business paradigm.
…And Recasting the Consumer as Information Manager
Consumers, too, are looking to Information Technology suppliers for solutions that help them manage the “business” of everyday life by integrating more information in real time to enhance productivity, collaboration, creativity, and decision-making. Mobile devices with intelligent apps, social networks, and Cloud computing are tools that enable consumers to act increasingly like “small enterprises” whose social and work environments must be managed with technology solutions. As the power and scope of these technologies continue to expand, a key success driver for IT suppliers will be the capacity to anticipate and develop solutions that strike consumers as indispensable amid vastly proliferating possibilities. 

The Experience and Resources to Support IT’s Transformative Role

With more than 15 years of sector experience, NAXION has helped IT industry leaders leverage and redirect market forces and trends. Our work has encompassed product/service development, portfolio management and evolution, identification and targeting of growth segments, and optimization of customer experience and loyalty. Assignments are informed and resourced by:
  • Global coverage of the market for IT hardware, software, services, and integrated solutions
  • Expertise in mobile, social networks, cloud computing, and other technologies transforming both enterprise and consumer IT
  • Extensive experience in business process transformation
  • Practice leaders and staff who are keenly attuned to the “voice-of-the customer” through direct and frequent contact with senior IT decision-makers
  • A decade of experience in developing and managing global, custom panels of IT decision-makers 
The portfolio of research techniques and marketing services for our IT clients includes: 
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Market segmentation
  • Brand strategy
  • Opportunity assessment 
  • Product and Service Development 
  • Forecasting
  • Positioning/communication
Our Innovation and Transformation research framework and services help clients bring a dynamic, forward-focused perspective to IT by anticipating the impact of change and guiding the development of new offerings. In many assignments, we also provide implementation assistance and programmatic support to help our IT clients move from the research and discovery stages to practical application.