Tech Market Insights at the Vanguard of Change

Everything about this moment is unprecedented. It’s a new game and no one knows the rules. So how do you frame the right questions and uncover the real answers in time to be strategic?
As the “big bang” impact of AI reshapes the ecosystem, all the “What-now?” and “So-what-then?” questions will be coming even faster — challenging many long-held assumptions about the ability of market insights both to anticipate the future and to propel it.

The Moment for Strategic Proaction …

Market research needs more than ever to be highly proactive and systematically agile — an approach we’re calling Proaction:
  • Generative. Able to fully anticipate the right questions, get rapid but reliable answers, and pivot responsively.
  • Dynamic. Built for the long view to produce a continuous insight stream that accelerates momentum.
  • Collaborative. Informed by interdisciplinary teams and relevant stakeholders.
  • Customized. Equipped with a tech sector-customized toolkit for effective integration of qualitative and quantitative techniques.
  • Inclusive. Informed by opinion leaders, industry advisers, and early adopters for a futurist perspective.
  • Market-shaping. Insight-rich, interpretive, and consultative, based on deep sector experience.
NAXION’s specialized technology practice has the flexibility to accommodate start-ups and mature brands, and the versatility to address the full range of tech challenges — from concept testing to UX to competitive landscape mapping and segmentation to purchase drivers and healthy brand evolution.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Advanced capabilities to propel and curate innovation in the insights space, including careful incorporation of AI.
  • Specialized focus on high-tech markets like IT and biotech, which demand rapid insights and swift implementation.
  • Decades of experience in the IT sector, guiding major technology brands and startups in developing B2B and B2C solutions.
  • Exceptional research proficiency, emphasizing the integration of multiple methods and data sources.
  • Culturally-attuned thinking, drawing on our interdisciplinary community of behavioral and decision scientists.

For research with impact, you need an insights process built for technology.