Value Beyond Word Counts: Customized High-Insight Analytics

Using advanced modeling and a customized application of natural language processing tools, we take an approach to text analytics that goes well beyond off-the-shelf approaches to ensure that clients draw real meaning and direction from the “chaos” of web chatter. The firm’s published expert on psycholinguistics and statistical analysis of language is supported by a roster of adept, market-leading modelers, and a high-performance computing infrastructure to work adroitly with "big data" text corpora. 

  • From Description to Prediction: While text and tonalities around Web events are always of interest, standard sentiment analysis can be difficult to interpret due to spurious correlations arising from the structure of language. For greater depth of insight, NAXION treats word frequency output as input to predictive models in search of truly meaningful, not just statistical, correlations and true sentiment drivers.
  • Better Understanding Specific Audiences: With state-of-the-art machine learning and discriminant analyses techniques, NAXION can segment text accurately into specific audiences for targeted analysis and profiling (e.g., diagnosed patients versus family/friends) to help clients understand distinct perspectives and optimize messaging.
  • Discerning Current and Emerging Key Influencers: Using network analysis and other techniques, we can identify sources (individuals and domains) with greatest impact on discussions about a topic, and those likely to emerge as important vectors of influence. That kind of information can help clients make better decisions about how to allocate spending on digital media.
  • Overlaying Text Analysis on Other Data Streams: The power of text analytics is amplified when overlaid and integrated with other data, such as sales figures or dates of promotional events. Using time series and other appropriate modeling techniques, we can identify higher-level patterns that better explain or predict the impact of promotional actions on key brand performance metrics and overall health.

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