NAscence Bio-Innovation Group

Our NAscence Mission

The NAscence Bio-Innovation Group is a specialized practice that helps innovators make effective, timely decisions in support of new drug and technology commercialization. Drawing on extensive experience in forecasting and launch consulting strategy, our NAscence practice works collaboratively with companies of all types ─ private and public, emerging Biotech and "Big Pharma" ─ to help them identify, prioritize, and quantify opportunities, and then chart a path to launch for novel products equipped to flourish in a high-stakes, high-risk environment. 

Whether clients seek ad hoc support or programmatic collaboration, we offer a comprehensive array of research and analytic techniques, structured to fit product development stage and organizational budgets. Enterprises with little or no commercialization structure and limited resources gain particular benefit from our versatility, seasoned decision support, and effective communication with senior management. In fact, we are frequently called on to present our models and our market viewpoint to potential investors and partners.

Our Style of Collaboration

We support every key decision along the commercial path, and offer our clients the kind of committed “thought partnership” that produces lasting relationships.

  • Exceptional track record in guiding commercialization of innovative therapies and maximizing differentiation in competitive markets
  • Customized, attentive problem-solving style designed for cost-effective resource management – well-suited for companies with little or no commercial structure
  • Full portfolio of research techniques authoritatively applied, including primary and secondary analysis to provide comprehensive support for milestone decisions
  • Integration of advanced methods and astute marketing not readily available in traditional market research or consulting firms
  • Highly experienced leadership team representing life sciences and consulting industries, with clinical depth in key therapeutic areas

Our Capabilities

As a virtual practice led by our Health sector leaders, the NAscence practice draws on the full range of resources available within the broader firm and a toolkit of inventive methodologies adapted to the needs of healthcare commercialization strategy.

  • Proficient use of all qualitative techniques by skilled practitioners of the craft, with ready access to stakeholders and KOLs
  • Robust secondary data analysis for insight on therapy sequence, switch dynamics, risk models, care sources, and adherence patterns
  • “Fit-for-purpose” survey research capabilities, scaled correctly, for astute and reliable decision support
  • Full portfolio of advanced analytic techniques, including industry’s most sophisticated driver and forecast models
  • Market interpretations that are historically informed and forward-looking – able to account for paradigm shifts
  • Fluency in global markets and worldwide data collection for multi-market perspective