National Analysts is NAXION

After 100 years, the world’s first business intelligence unit has chosen a new name to better reflect expanding 21st century capabilities.

Our Mission

NAXION guides shrewd, confident business decisions based on exceptional integration of advanced research methods, marketing acumen, and target industry perspectives.

Our Philosophy

Excellence -  We're a firm that aims to get all of it right — astute problem definition, data quality, sophisticated analytics and shrewd decision support. read more >

Dedication -  We take everything we do very personally, in a spirit consistent with employee ownership and one of the proudest histories in the industry. read more >

Customization - We are committed to maintaining a breadth of methods and data sources giving us the flexibility to tackle a wide range of problems without reshaping them to fit the tools at hand. read more >

Balance - We are a firm that aims to integrate data analytics with astute consultation, and we are scaled to deliver them both. read more >

Please give us a call to see how we work, and how we will work with you.  


Our Value Proposition

  • Inventive research methods and deft analytics
  • Consultative solutions-focused approach that begins with astute problem definition
  • Integration of multiple data streams for holistic and programatic decision support
  • Multidisciplinary teams drawn from all realms of social and marketing science
  • Industry specialists guiding research interpretation and application
  • Boutique scale and service style that support customization and collaboration
  • A deep and documented commitment to industry leadership



A comprehensive portfolio of techniques, many of them proprietary  all highly customized, fit-for-purpose and deftly applied.

Meet Our People

NAXION attracts smart, inquisitive and collaborative professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional work quality and client service. For information on careers click here.