To move the needle further and faster in a market monitoring program, you need to understand not just what is driving your critical business metrics, but who? Parsion® is highly customizable, plug-in dashboard modeling software that allows you to determine how and why distinct customer segments are affecting key performance metrics, and gauge how much leverage can be achieved by strategically focusing attention on those segments and their priorities. 

Parsion® lets you look under the hood to see the moving parts that drive your business forward

Parsion® is not a standard feature of other software platforms by another name. It is a new and different way of looking at your data, available either through our own Querius® database software platform or as an easy-to use, stand-alone module with graphic interface that you can bolt on to other survey management platforms.  Though highly customizable to your metrics and your market, it comes fully loaded with the modeling inputs that equip insights teams to tackle mission-critical objectives:

  • Pinpoint how much overall changes in NPS or other key performance metrics are influenced by each customer segment – considering the combined effect of shifts in both segment size and segment performance.
  • Predict global rating changes that might result from improved ratings in any market segment you track
  • Model global changes in revenue outcomes associated with changes in KPI performance

If you want more mileage from your metric analysis, please click here for a quick preview, or contact us at or 215.496.6800 for a discussion of how Parsion® might enhance market monitoring analytics to advance enterprise objectives.