Linda Spikol

A leading independent communications consultant and brand strategist known for both business acumen and marketing creativity, Linda Spikol advises senior management on enterprise innovation, rebranding, and market expansion initiatives. Her extensive professional experience includes executive leadership of a major advertising agency as well as a decade as Chief Marketing Officer of a multi-billion dollar communications conglomerate, where she directed business strategy and brand compliance for 18 entities.
Widely sought after as a consultant to consultants, Linda is a shrewd and creative thinker whose roster of professional achievements attest to her versatility and broad industry experience. On that list of accomplishments are ground-breaking public education initiatives for healthcare systems, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies; stewardship of brand realignment efforts and new commercial ventures for some of the nation’s best-known advocacy organizations; creative strategy in support of new account acquisition for major advertising agencies; and guidance to some of the nation’s best-known consumer products and financial services brands on ways of broadening their relevance to new, or overlooked, constituencies in the US and abroad. 
Linda was educated at Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Oxford University. A winner of many prestigious professional awards, including the advertising industry’s CLIO, she has also taught marketing leadership at the Wharton School.