A smart company keeps smart company. NAXION has assembled a group of leading industry experts representing fields as far-ranging as medicine, global marketing, architecture, financial services, and business innovation, who serve as trusted resources to the firm and its clients on relevant business issues.

NAXION Advisors


Liz McKee Anderson earned degrees in engineering and finance and enjoyed an early career in the chemicals industry, but soon discovered her passion for bringing innovative medicines to market to prevent or treat life-threatening disease. Applying a strong analytic framework, strategic discipline and commercial experience in leading high-growth businesses, she brings a deep commitment to partnerships with R&D and operating colleagues to benefit patients. Read More >

Laurence H. Beck, M.D. is a widely known internist and nephrologist whose distinguished career has combined academic medicine with research, clinical practice, and health care system administration at some of the nation’s most respected institutions. Now recently retired from full-time practice, he spent more than a decade in leadership positions at the Cleveland Clinic Florida, where he served as Chairman of the Division of Medicine and subsequently, Medical Director of the Health and Wellness Center. Read More >

Stephen Kieran, FAIA, a practicing architect, teacher, and author is an important contemporary voice in discussions about the relationship between culture, ecology, and the built environment. Steve is a founding partner of KieranTimberlake, an architecture firm recognized for beautifully crafted, thoughtfully made buildings that are holistically integrated to site, program, and people. Read More >

Vesna Koblar, M.D., Ph.D., the founder and principal of raPHARM, is an EU regulatory affairs consultant who helps pharmaceutical and device manufacturers develop market entry strategy, fulfill their regulatory and patient education mandates, and meet post-marketing surveillance requirements across the European Union and in CEE countries. She is also called upon by governments seeking to develop regulatory policy and legislationRead More >

Marshall W. Meyer, Ph.D.a leading business scholar, consultant, and lecturer widely known as an expert on China’s emerging enterprise system, is the Tsai Wan-Tsai Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he also holds positions as Professor of Management and Professor of Sociology. In addition, Marshall is an Associate Member of the Center for East Asian Studies and a member of the Executive Committee of the Center for the Study of Contemporary China. Read More >

Albert B. Murphy, IIIan astute and experienced financial services marketing professional, is currently Senior Vice President, Head of the Private Bank at the Bryn Mawr Trust Company. His distinguished career in financial services has been built on expertise in asset management, business strategy, and financial services product marketing. Read More >

Bertrand Petit, a senior executive who has led business transformation in Europe and the US, is founder and chairman of Innocherche, a French-based global business iannovation network that helps companies anticipate and prepare for disruptive trends and technologies with innovative solutions. His InnovationWatch concept deploys a team of seasoned executives who first identify novel concepts and emerging business models, then work to develop potential applications for member organizations and clientsRead More >

Helen P. Pudlin, Esquireone of Pennsylvania’s most distinguished corporate attorneys, has spent her career guiding clients in the financial services and healthcare sectors. Now retired from active practice, she served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of The PNC Financial Services GroupRead More >

Jeffrey T. Resnick is a widely-respected brand and marketing strategist who, as founder and Managing Partner of Stakeholder Advisory Services, has taken the intangible area of “reputation” and made it concrete, enabling senior executives and boards of directors to manage and protect one of an organization’s most important assets — its reputation. From an enterprise risk perspective, this is as important as managing IT, financial, operational and human capital risk. Case studies of the dire consequences to businesses and organizations that fail to do so are numerous. Read More >

John Rossiter, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading experts in consumer psychology and measurement whose distinguished career as academician, consultant, and author has made him an important global voice in the field of marketing and social science metrics. Currently a Research Professor of Marketing at the Institute for Innovation in Business and Social Research, University of Wollongong, Australia, where he has taught for the past 15 years, John also holds the title of permanent Visiting Research Professor at the Schumpeter School of Business and Economics, Bergische University in GermanyRead More >

Sanjiv Sharma, a seasoned and talented pharmaceutical sales and marketing executive, has a long track record of optimizing the market performance of new and existing products through shrewd commercial strategy and disciplined implementation. He is President of Inflexionpoint, a consultancy that specializes in developing launch strategy and tactical game plans for companies with limited commercial infrastructureRead More >

Linda Spikola leading independent communications consultant and brand strategist known for both business acumen and marketing creativity, Linda Spikol advises senior management on enterprise innovation, rebranding, and market expansion initiatives. Her extensive professional experience includes executive leadership of a major advertising agency as well as a decade as Chief Marketing Officer of a multi-billion dollar communications conglomerate, where she directed business strategy and brand compliance for 18 entities. Read More >

Robin L. Wiessmann is a financial services executive and investment banker who, prior to her corporate board appointments, was the State Treasurer of Pennsylvania from 2007 to 2009. As Treasurer, Robin served as the primary fiduciary and custodian of $120 billion and created a new governance framework, improved institutional investing standards and risk management, and principles-based governance and management practicesRead More >