Michael J. Gershman

Vice President
As Vice President of Operations for NAXION, Mike oversees the field component of the firm's largest and most complex quantitative studies. He also manages the data processing, editing and coding for these projects and works closely with the firm's statisticians to ensure that the sampling and weighting designs are correctly implemented. In addition, Mike directs the firm’s qualitative function.
Mike is responsible for the overall supervision, deployment and training of all operations and data processing staff members. In this capacity, he is routinely called upon to match the strengths of available personnel with the challenges of any given research project. Mike has crafted standardized internal quality control procedures and mentors new as well as experienced Operations staff in identifying creative avenues for professional development.
Mike is a seasoned professional with exceptional proficiency in a wide range of survey methodologies, including Internet, computerized central site, mail, in-person and telephone. He has 15+ years of hands-on experience with NA-Lyzer®NAXION's proprietary data processing software for which he has led numerous training courses for both clients and internal staff. Mike has also been instrumental in the development of Querius®NAXION’s new data analysis software. He has worked very closely with the software's architect and programmers to ensure that Querius' power will be harnessed to maximize flexibility and user-friendliness.
During his tenure with NAXION, Mike has directed the Operations activities for a variety of large-scale quantitative projects with diverse objectives. Noteworthy examples include a multi-national (nine countries) telephone and in-person survey with over 3,000 interviews collected, an email and telephone recruit followed by a 45-minute Internet survey, and an eight-country quarterly 20-minute survey administered by telephone and Internet.
Mike received his Bachelor of Science degree with honors at Penn State University. He graduated with a major in Quantitative Business Analysis and a minor in Sociology.