Bob Skolnick

Chief Commercial Strategy Officer
(Information Technology, Business to Business, Financial Services)

As Chief Commercial Strategy Officer for NAXION, Bob is responsible for targeted business development and strategic support, with focus on Financial Services and Technology, as well as other sectors in which he has worked extensively throughout his career as a business intelligence and marketing consultant to some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Bob has worked closely with senior clients at leading companies in Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare as well as major brands in Consumer Products to design U.S. and global research programs that provide grounded business guidance for their marketing and product development efforts.  His ability to leverage cross-sector learnings and synthesize diverse market intelligence inputs has proven extremely valuable to clients seeking to maximize the value of their research investments.

Adapting and integrating new research techniques to reflect the evolution of how people and brands communicate has been a critical emphasis for Bob throughout his career – and especially in the past decade, where the availability of complex, digital data streams (and with that, a shift from customer inquiry to observation) have created great opportunity and enormous challenge.

As an entrepreneur with the boutique firm BAIGlobal, Bob honed the business and client skills that led to leadership positions at Synovate and then Ipsos, where he led the development of industry sectors, directed global acquisitions, and served as President and CEO of the North American business during his tenure.  Bob has served on the board of CASRO (the US opinion and marketing research industry trade association) and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Rutgers Business School MRIA program (Marketing Research Insights & Analytics).

Bob holds a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.  He received his B.A. in Economics at Queens College, CUNY.

Phone: 215.496.6952